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“the driver was great and very tidy. He cleaned and/or washed the van every day! Very safe driver too.”

“We were always comfortable and well looked after.”

“Ethiopian food is excellent. They also make the most amazing fresh fruit smoothies”

“SPEECHLESS at the CHEF we had for our hiking days: he managed to cook delicious and very varied meals with one camp stove! He even donned his white chef uniform + hat!”

“Wonderful man! (Mas) Very polite and discreet: I really appreciated how he quietly and tactfully kept outside people's invasiveness at bay without being agressive or making a scene. He was always polite and patient with everyone, client or stranger. I loved the fact that he was willing to chat if we were but he avoided forcing conversation if we were quiet. Especially unique was his NEVER asking anything personal to his guests! He also knew a bit of everything, from history to birds, animals and plants, ...”

“Also Andarg took very good care of us and especially of me when I stayed one extra day at the end. He took the time to drive me to places, and spoil me completely even though it was not planned nor included.”

Highlights “too many things! I loved it. the places, the people, the food, the music! culture and nature. The rhythm of our days was quite nice too and very flexible to adapt to our needs. OK we were lucky to be a group of only 4 so maybe that was easy to do but still the guides and everyone was always very flexible and attentive to our needs.”

“The actual tour was lead a fellow named Asram First class leader very sympathetic to an struggling old fellow!”
“The tour was watched over either in person or by phone at all stages by Andargachew Girma the tour company general manager. Very impressive.”