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Who we are

Alligan Travel PLC is an Ethiopian commercial, registered company.  The company profits are entirely re-invested within Ethiopia.


The company was established to open up safe and responsible travel in Ethiopia, and aims to help improve the lives of the poorest communities in Ethiopia through providing work opportunities financed by tourists and business visitors to the country.  



Alligan Travel aims to provide the best possible travelling experience for tourists and business travellers in Ethiopia, catering for the full range of needs from advice on flight bookings to accommodation, from safety advice to laundry services.


We aim to bring you into contact with as much of Ethiopian culture, heritage and people as you wish, while offering the reassurance of secure, well-planned travel throughout the whole country and handling all challenges, great and small.


Alligan Travel is your “professional friend” in Ethiopia, working to UK standards of service and excellence.

We are pleased to have been recommended in the 2019 edition of the Bradt Guide to Ethiopia 

What clients have said about us

“We all enjoyed these 2 weeks very much.”

“We felt very safe at all times.”

“The trip in Addis was great.”

‘The guys were great guides and good fun. I particularly enjoyed going up to Entoto and the traditional lunch. I don't think I could have been looked after any better!”

“The Simiens were great.”

“We had a most memorable, refreshing and wonderful holiday.”

“A wonderful, wonderful trip that we cannot say how pleased we were.”

“We really have no comments to make other than that we wish to promote Ethiopia and Alligan to as many people as possible. We would love to make a trip to the South maybe in a couple of years when the bank account is ready! We would go tomorrow. We will definitely use Alligan if we do go South.”

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